Five Year Publiversary Hop

Hard to believe but I’ve been published for five years. In order to celebrate, I am hosting a page hop on Facebook.

Follow along with over twenty authors to find new authors to love and to win, win, win.

Below are the full list of participants, if there’s a break in the hop, you can come here to find the next person.

Kate Bonham –
Trudie Collins –
Stacey Broadbent –
Ellen Mint –
Midnight Dreary Publishing –
Scarlette Amour –
Jewels Arthur –
Lyla Oweds –
Briana Michaels –
Lana Kole –
Melissa Adams –
Mia Harlan –
Samantha Rose –
Jenée Robinson –
L. M. Pruitt –
Rachel Rawlings –
Kay Maree –
Kia Carrington-Russell –
Cyan Tayse –
Mary Dean –
Kathleen Kelly –
Leah Sharelle –
Bo Reid –
Kandie Stixx –

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