Revelations (Book One)

Series: Craving Crimson
Book # 1
Available: 7 May 2017
Cover Design: Gray Global Creations
Photographer: Eric Battershell
Model: David Wills
Edited by: Swish Editing & Design


Xavier is one of the only true Hunters left in New York. He doesn’t cave under the pressures of the newly appointed Government task force to eradicate the “problem” they had with Nosferatu’s feeding on the humans just like the others did. Xavier wasn’t fooled by their idea to “help” the Nosferatu blend in – he knew it was highly unlikely the bloodthirsty animals would curb their taste for fresh, hot blood.

When the woman who killed his father and brother ten years ago arrives back in town – he sees red, vowing to end her once and for all….

Soleil has secrets – too many secrets, one in particular had haunted her since the day she’d made the promise to keep it. But the time had come to end her existence, she’d tell Xavier the truth about his family and allow him to kill her. Only…first, she needed to get him to trust her enough to tell him the truth.

Just as she is about to unload, her dark and dangerous past comes back to haunt her – this time, it would take more than a trick to ensnare her enemy and take him out for good – can she enlist Xavier to help her to ensure the world doesn’t fall into the hands of an egomaniacal immortal hellbent on using the humans as his slaves.




Redemption (Book Two)

Series: Craving Crimson
Book # 2
Available: 5 November 2017
Cover Design: Desiree DeOrto
Edited by: Swish Editing & Design



Everything I’ve ever known has been a lie.
After it all, I only want peace from it all.
Peace from the world of Alchemists, Nosferatu and Fae.
I am done.

Or I thought I was until she came knocking on my door.

Now, I’m thrust back into the world I had hoped to escape to seek out my redemption…




Sacrifice (Book Three)



Series: Craving Crimson
Book # 3
Available: August-September 2018
Cover Design: Desiree DeOrto
Edited by: Swish Design & Editing



Forbidden love.

An unwilling Queen.

A coven under threat.

An alliance broken.

A war to end the supernatural world.

…Sacrifices must be made.